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Hosting Congressman Bill Johnson at Barnesville State Theater

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

On August 29, 2023, the Barnesville State Theater held a VIP event, so Congressman Bill Johnson and others could see the progress of the Theater.

Today, we had the privilege of hosting Congressman Johnson, who saw a remarkable gathering of local dignitaries and community leaders who came together to review the progress of the Theater. Among the notable attendees were Belmont County Commissioners Josh Myers and Jerry Echemann.

Larry Merry from the Belmont County Port Authority and Mayor Dale Bunting also lent their presence, highlighting the importance of collaboration between different sectors within the county. Village Council representatives Steve Hill, Tony Johnson, and Brian Yarnell participated in the event.

The event also garnered attention from key members of various organizations. Jackee Pugh and Cathryn Stanley, representing the Belmont County Tourism Council, brought their perspectives on promoting the county's attractions and tourism potential. David Phillips, CEO of WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital; Jill Hissom, the Director of Barnesville Ohio Chamber of Commerce; Joe Braido, owner of Braido Memorials; Jan Chambers, director of Outreach and Development at Ohio Hills Health Centers, also participated in the event.

From the education sector, Angie Hannahs, Superintendent of Barnesville Schools, and new Superintendent Micah Fuchs were present to contribute their thoughts on the intersection of education and community development.

The event marked an important moment of collaboration, and this diverse representation showcased the shared commitment to the growth and prosperity of Belmont County.

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