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Nonprofit Organization

Roger Johnson, President
Greg Batts, Vice-President
Jacquetta Stephen, Treasurer

Shelley Jefferis, Secretary


Brandi Little
David Ralston
Jake Hershberger

Kathy Batts
Kristal Hunkler
Larry Cain
Luke Johnson
Rose Grear

Scott Gallagher

Tom Johnson

Bring a local icon back to life.

This theater was built back in 1924. In 2022 the building was generously donated to the "Barnesville State Theater" by a local benefactor. A group of Barnesville residents have come together to restore it back to life.

Vision Statement

Bring together all communities, generations, and talent with a passion for enriching lives for generations.

Mission Statement

Provide a variety of entertainment and educational activities to our diverse communities to enrich lives for generations.

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