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Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley - Donation $15,000

We're thrilled to share that the Barnesville State Theater has been awarded a $15,000 grant from the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley, courtesy of the Belmont County Enrichment Fund 2024. This generous support, made possible by the wonderful landowners of Belmont County, marks a step in our journey to rejuvenate the theater and spark positive change in Barnesville and its neighboring areas.

This grant is a testament to the dedication of Belmont County's landowners and farmers, who have been giving back through the Belmont County Enrichment Fund since 2013. Their commitment to investing in our county's future is truly inspirational. learn more 

The funds will aid our efforts to restore the Barnesville State Theater to its former glory and transform it into a vibrant hub for arts, culture, and community engagement. We're closer to our goal, and with continued support, we're excited about the bright future ahead.

We're immensely grateful to the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley and the Belmont County Enrichment Fund. This grant not only boosts our fundraising but also strengthens our resolve to make the Barnesville State Theater a beacon of cultural enrichment in Belmont County. We're on an exciting path, and we can't wait to share more updates as we move forward. Together, we're making a difference!

photo and news source: WTOV9 Link

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