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The Barnesville Planning Commission Meeting 12/19/2022

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

The Barnesville Planning Commission met on Monday (12/19/22) to discuss downtown development. The regularly scheduled Village Council meeting followed at 7:00 pm. Barnesville State Theater Company members and other local residents attended both meetings. A primary topic of discussion was the proposed demolition of three buildings on North Chestnut Street and the construction of a parking lot or multilevel parking garage. Greg Batts, Barnesville resident and retired Major General US Army, shared a parking study he prepared looking at on-street and parking lot utilization in the downtown area. Attached are the results of his study. It shows over 60% of available parking is unoccupied in our downtown. Also discussed was an option (plan attached) that would allow the three buildings to remain and be utilized by the private sector. It also allows for additional parking to be provided behind the three buildings in question. The Planning Commission and the Village Council's consensus was to continue evaluating the matter.

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